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Your feedback helped inform the IRP

At specific points throughout the process, PSE solicited feedback from stakeholders during participation opportunities (e.g. webinars, workshops, etc.) as well as by using a feedback form hosted on the website.

Opportunities to provide feedback on specific topics were available for a limited duration and helped inform the 2021 IRP in a timely manner. Feedback was compiled into feedback reports, which may have included summaries of feedback received and responses from PSE.

Feedback reports were turned into consultation updates, which were then posted regularly on the website.

Feedback forms are compiled into feedback reports. Feedback reports inform consultation updates.

Timing for feedback

PSE followed the timeline below for feedback.

  • One week before each meeting: PSE shared the meeting agenda, presentation slides and data attachments on the website. Stakeholders could begin submitting feedback via the Feedback Form. All comments collected at least three days in advance of each webinar were reported and potentially discussed at the webinar, time allowing.
  • One day after each meeting: A recording of the webinar and the transcript of the chat were posted to the website so those who were unable to attend can review.
  • One week after each meeting: Feedback Forms related to the specific meeting topic were due.
  • Two weeks after each meeting: A Feedback Report of all comments collected from the Feedback Form, along with PSE’s responses, were shared with stakeholders via the website.
  • Three weeks after each meeting: A Consultation Update, where PSE demonstrates how stakeholder feedback was applied, was posted to the website.

Stakeholders could have provided feedback on any of the available topics at any given time. However, please note that feedback received outside of the feedback opportunity windows were considered by PSE on case by case scenarios.

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