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Consultation Update #10


Webinar 10: Clean Energy Action Plan (CEAP) and Clean Energy Implementation Plan, Economic, Health and Environmental Benefit Assessment of Current Conditions and Delivery System and Grid Modernization Needs

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The following consultation update is the result of stakeholder suggestions gathered through an online Feedback Form, collected between November 9 and November 30, 2020 and summarized in the December 7 Feedback Report. The report themes have been summarized and along with a response to the suggestions that have been implemented. If a suggestion was not implemented, the reason is provided.

Economic, Health and Environmental Benefits Assessment

PSE received feedback from Don Marsh (CENSE), Brian Grunkemeyer (FlexCharging), David Perk (350 Seattle) and Kyle Frankiewich (WUTC Staff) regarding PSE’s intial approach for the Economic, Health and Environmental Benefits Assessment.

PSE has reached out to Brian Grunkemeyer to discuss some of the details of the avoided tailpipe emissions dataset and some intitial information was exchanged on December 8. A meeting will be arranged for later in December or early January to learn more. 

PSE thanks stakeholders for their thoughtful review and suggestions and will endeavor to adopt the following suggestions in development of the Economic, Health and Evironmental Benefits Assessment:

  1. Coordination with local advocacy groups
  2. Inclusion of air quality metrics in the assessment
  3. Parallel assessment of named communities and metric evaluation
  4. Continued evaluation and refinement of assessment metrics and metholologies to best capture distributions of named communities


Scope of PSE’s Draft IRP

James Adock and Kyle Frankiewich (WUTC Staff) provided feedback of concerns regarding the scope of PSE’s 2021 Draft IRP, due January 4, 2021. While not all the analysis will be completed for the draft IRP, PSE is confident that stakeholders will have meaningful content for review and feedback. PSE fully intends to incorporate stakeholder feedback on the draft IRP received during the WUTC comment period that is expected to begin in early January. In addition, PSE will continue with its public participation process and stakeholders will have opportunity to provide feedback on analysis that is completed after the draft IRP is filed. PSE is committed to documenting stakeholder feedback and demonstrating its application in the IRP analyses.


Summary of all updates

PSE appreciates the feedback provided by stakeholders. In summary, the following changes will be implemented:

  • PSE will work to adopt the four stakeholder suggestions above in the Economic, Health and Evironmental Benefits Assessment as practical.
  • PSE will work to develop a draft IRP with key analyses, scenarios and sensitivies completed for stakeholder review and feedback. The draft IRP will be available at on January 4, 2021.